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Mill Valley, Calif. – June 6, 2007 – Today, Checkster releases the first tool to empower individuals to recognize and grow their strengths by leveraging collective intelligence. This innovative web-based service uses the leading edge research in expert performance in combination with Web 2.0 collaborative technology, to uncover the fast track road to career success. This tool is free to use for individuals.

“The talent management market is red hot with lower unemployment and looming labor shortages.” says Lisa Rowan, Program Manager, HR and Talent Management Services at IDC, a leading IT market research and advisory firm. “Tools that help employers and employees recognize and grow talent will lower costs by streamlining processes. Checkster’s solutions fit this model well and stand to gain momentum in the market. ”

“Once we finish school, we stop getting frequent feedback on how well we are performing at what we strive to master. Sure, official yearly reviews exist, but they do not work to motivate people or help them improve. Checkster now enables people to obtain easy to read report cards on their strengths and suggests how they can advance to an expert level. Best of all, it only takes seven minutes to run a Checkster Talent Checkup” says Yves Lermusi, founder and CEO of Checkster.

“Checkster is the easiest way to get feedback on your performance to bring your game to the next level. Their Promotability Gauge and Peter Zone are particularly powerful. Anyone who wants a better grasp on their true talents and how to make them grow should use it.” Says Alex Nigg, CEO of Walkwire.

The latest research in the talent industry discovered that deliberate practice is the way top performers become top performers. The missing link in business though is “the lack of candid feedback,” described as the “biggest little dirty secret of business,” by Jack Welch. Checkster’s users obtain direct feedback through their network. The result is a cutting edge report with candid, anonymous, aggregated data on one’s core strengths. It emphasizes the areas to continue practicing in order to achieve higher levels.

Furthermore, Checkster’s easy to use and fast application is also leveraged by job seekers who want to market their unique selling points more objectively and with more confidence.
“During my job search I used my Checkster Talent Checkup to distinguish myself from other candidates. The Checkup gave me more insight and confidence on my key acknowledged strengths and the ability to articulate them to hiring managers like nobody else. I can tell you, it works!” Says JR Naveau an ex-Oracle product manager.

Interactive short presentation of the Checkster tool is at: http://www.checkster.com/checkster_preso.html

About Checkster:

Checkster (www.checkster.com) created the Personal Feedback Management industry. Consumers now have unprecedented access to tools that help them grow and develop within their career. Employers leverage the Checkster tools to hire, retain, and grow the right talent.

Checkster was founded by Yves Lermusi (aka Lermusiaux). Mr. Lermusi was president of Taleo Research (TLEO) before he became CEO of Checkster in June 2006. He is a well known public speaker and a career and talent industry commentator. Mr. Lermusi was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Recruiting Industry”. He has been quoted in leading business media worldwide, including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, and Time Magazine.

For more information on Checkster, contact Yves Lermusi at 415-699-2226 or press@checkster.com.