The LaddersAcabo de leer el post de Marc Cenedella comentando el mail de despedida que mandó al equipo de HotJobs cuando abandonó la Compañía antes de crear The Ladders, un modelo a seguir en el modelo de empleo para profesionales con salarios de 6 cifras. Me ha impactado, sobre todo, el comentario que hace de su marcha:

So it’s sad that the energy and optimism of this e-mail haven’t been justified by subsequent events. HotJobs has dropped to a distant third. 9 out of 11 of the top people at HotJobs were gone within 6 months, and the remaining stragglers have now left. And the place has lost that old HOTJ feeling — the manic, exuberant, juvenile atmosphere of “hey, let’s put on an internet company!”

I had drinks with one of the new HotJobbers the other night, and none of the history has been passed down. None of the tradition, none of the pride or legacy, none of the crazy celebrations, none of the misguided sense that we deserved to be #1. And so it’s sad to see that loss. Because what’s been lost isn’t just the spirit of HotJobs, but a beautiful, inspiring example of the entrepreneurial best in all of us.

And for that, we are all the poorer.

Por cierto, navegando por TheLadders me encuentro con que el logo de uno de sus clientes (Cendant) se parece mucho al nuevo logo del Gobierno de Catalunya!