Interesante artículo sobre las contraofertas en el trabajo en UpSearch:

  • You are now viewed as an “expense.” Your higher salary has delivered an unexpected blow to the budget.
  • You have now become public with your dissatisfaction of your current situation. Your loyalty will remain in question from this day forward.
  • Where is this ‘extra money’ coming from? Most companies (especially ones who do not pay their employees what they’re worth) operate on a tight budget. Your new pay increase is likely what would have been your upcoming raise or your bonus that you will no longer receive. It could also have come from the company-wide bonus program. Let’s hope your co-workers don’t hear about that!
  • What kind of company do you work for when you have to threaten to leave in order for them to pay you fair market value?
  • Most counteroffers qualify for what is called a “band-aid fix”. This means that keeping you on-board (on a higher salary) is just a temporary solution until they find your replacement at a much cheaper price.
  • Statistics compiled by the National Employment Association confirm over 80% of those who accept counteroffers will either elect to leave or be terminated by their company in less than six months.
  • What were your real motivations for seeking another employment opportunity? Typically the reasons are not solely financial. Has your new raise eliminated the fact that you were unhappy with company politics, management direction, lack of growth potential, unsafe environment, etc?
  • When times get tough and your employer has to make cut-backs, they’ll remember who was loyal, and who wasn’t!
  • Don’t burn bridges. By saying “Yes” to an employer (accepting their offer) and then turning around and saying “No” (accepting a counteroffer from your current employer), you are most likely damaging your chances of ever working for that company or any of the people involved in the hiring process.

La pregunta que creo que todos deberíamos hacernos ante una contraoferta es: “y porqué no hemos acordado esto antes?”