Weekend Challenge

Ésta es la parte final de un largo post que publiqué ayer en la intranet de Schibsted hablando sobre mi experiencia en el Weekend Challenge del Tecnocampus de Mataró titulado “Weekend Challenge. Dreams, facts, opinions and pragmatism”.

Our final advices for them all were:

  • Be detached: there is a thin line between passion and love. You have to vibrate with your idea. You have to have an impatient bias towards action, the will to jump, skip, crouch or look for the WHY behind a NO. If you cross that line you will over-protect your idea… and sometimes ideas have to be killed.
  • Be holistic: c’mon, not everything is free. Revenue is just one part of the equation. How much will this cost?
  • Be smart: three decimals are not needed. Make rough back-of-the-envelope calculations to quickly see if things make sense.
  • Be critic: everyone is free to give an opinion, it’s valuable but is just an opinion. I don’t say “do not believe anyone” but be critic. They might also be wrong (Dity Harry wouldn’t be so polite). I -as a mentor- might be wrong. And even you might be!
  • … and do talk to your customers, reality checks, sampling: be scientific. Make low-cost reality checks. Regarding the previous bullet, one opinion is just a tiny sample of an universe… that might not even be the right universe.
  • Be honest: do not build a fantasy business plan but show how realistic your approach is to both the problem and the solution. Explain what’s sure, what’s uncertain and what are you going to do to reduce that uncertainty. It’s much better for you and your investors. You will always be in the same page.

Toda una experiencia que me sirvió para practicar las técnicas que utilizamos en Innovación en InfoJobs en proyectos offline. Me lo pasé bomba!